I wanna tell you what happened yesterday! I’ll tell how great God is.

Now we are recording for our “Music Composition” for Church competition all around Philippines,and it’s last minute actually. We need to pass it this week only. No extension and not buts. So we make everything that we can. So, here. You know that it is very hard recording a composition , especially to those are putting their career life in recording music. Right? Then, we recored everything that must be. We actually go through for how many repition every song. And my hands are getting hard playing what-so-called “Keyboard or Electric Paino”, and the worst is, its getting late in the evening, and we’re so near to midnight. Until, we finished my first session.

We have last one composition which there is no “tone, melody, rhythm” at all. So our brains were drained. But one thing we do is, we rest ourselves in the presence of the Lord our God. We ask for His interventions. And finally, as I start playing keyboard, the flow of the song is too amazing where nowhere to be found unexpectedly. Throughly we testify that He is too great. We slightly shout for the “Joy of Success”, how victorious we are, when we do offer everything to God.

Well, when it was happened to us, it shall happen to you, “If only” you call unto Him.


A life without Him

You may experience now that you’re having a trouble; whether it’s your studies, your home, family, partner, friends. But come to think about what may God has done for you through Jesus. There is a hope in you that you must cling to Him no matter what.It must be hard but remember there is no impossible with God.

Hard time to Peaceful time

It’s hard when you walk alone without getting help to a certain person. There is one thing I need to share. Everyday we have different ways of facing problems, there is no way we can run out of it, there is so much more of it each and each day. So, I think it’s time for you to know.

The secret to get through of it is by calling God. He’s the only way. Right? He created the universe but can’t solve your problems? What is He to you? A name where everybody know? No! He is a God. The one who loves us for real. I tell you, there is forever in Him.

Now ask for His help. He’s willing if you let Him. Come to Him with all your heart. He will never forsake you.